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Q. Can I use Logik-ê logs with my wood stove?

R. Yes, Logik-ê logs can be used with all types of fireplaces (open or closed) and wood stoves (inserts too), and they optimize their heating capacity.

Q. What is the burning time of Logik-ê logs?

R. Their burning time depends on the type, draft and use of the fireplace.

Q. Where could I store Logik-ê logs?

R. Logik-ê logs must be stored in a dry place (garage, basement, shed, etc.) Keep away from any water or humidity. 

Q. Logik-ê logs contain a binder or glue?

R. No. Our products are all made of 100% natural compressed recycled hardwood and are additive-free. 

Q. How do I light a Logik-ê log?

R. Because Logik-ê logs are very dense, they should be lit with kindling or
Logik-ê Fire Lighter Cubes. For better results, please refer to instructions on packaging.